Rencana TTDI – Almost Home

Rencana TTDI Almost Home

What if at the end of a long day you could simply get in an elevator, select a floor, step out and be greeted by your family? That is exactly the lifestyle you will have when you become a business office and apartment homeowner at Rencana TTDI, the latest CK East Group innovation. This unique complex, just minutes from shopping and restaurants on a 2-acre Malay reserve in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rencana TTDI was conceptualized by developer Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd and is opening soon, meaning this dream for how people live and work can become your reality.

Ttdi Rencana, Ttdi, Sungai Penchala

Rencana TTDI is so unique it has raised the excitement of many young, up and coming business owners. If asked to design your ideal work and living arrangement, Rencana TTDI would be it. It just makes sense in these busy times that home and work be convenient to one another. With home so near, even if there is a late-night meeting, popping in for dinner, to say hello, or even to take a quick shower would mean so much less stress.

If the people who actually lived and worked in buildings were to design them, they would want to have all the conveniences and comforts of home. They would want luxury and a place to entertain. In the true spirit of CK East Group’s CEO, Ng Chong Kiat, Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd put themselves in the shoes of prospective buyers, and just see what developed.

Even if interested only in owning office space, these suites are so finely appointed with every luxury, yours is sure to feel like your home away from home. With large meeting rooms to accommodate client presentations, a prayer room, and convenient location to shops and restaurants, you will have everything within reach for your busy days.

Whatever your desire, SOFO (single office, flexible office), or an apartment home, Rencana TTDI has an array of floor plans and square footage to meet the budgetary and growth needs of Malay business owners, families, and singles.

Apartment Home
Apartment Home Source:

Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd and CK East Group’s goal was to not only make these SOFOs/apartment homes as luxurious as possible but also affordable. That is the reason they are available in a variety of floor plan layouts and square footage:

• Executive Suite 472 sqft
• Executive Duplex 875 sqft
• Deluxe Suite 1109 sqft
• Deluxe Duplex 1841sqft
• Corporate Suite 5425sqft.

Affordability and ownership have never been so within reach.

• SOFO from RM282,000
• Booking as low as RM1,000
• Low entry fee
• Free Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Loan Legal fees.
• Optional Tenancy Program
o Purchaser rents unit to the developer for 6% per annum x 2 years for 2. Total rent =12%. Note: Cannot use unit for 2 years after Vacant Possession
�� This option is great for those who are on the lease or not quite ready for a move.

The floor plan designs are modern and spacious so that even the smallest of units are open and airy. The amenities alone are enough to cause envy among even your wealthiest of friends when they visit and see there are a pool and barbecue area for entertaining.

They say home is where the heart is, that is the reason Rencana TTDI is in the heart of all that is happening in the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur. Isn’t it time that you came home?

Rencana TTDI – What you will experience at Rencana Royale

Rencana TTDI - What you will experience at Rencana Royale

The CK east group is fast launching the Rencana TTDI project that has many facilities your loved ones will enjoy. This is a two-acre project found in the Malay parcel reserve in Kuala Lumpur. This project is estimated to cost close to RM 380 million. It will be showcasing a co-working concept. This project will be offering more than six hundred units of offices, retail lots, studio offices, to-storey units of garden terraces, corporate suites and duplex office plus two-floor facilities for businesses.

The business facilities will include a barbecue area, theater, swimming pool, prayer room, meeting rooms and a gym. More than fifty percent of these rooms measure about four hundred and seventy-two square feet. The managing director of the CK East Group has the interest of selling it off to one buyer.

In the event the group does not find a single purchaser, then management of this property will be done by the company itself. The customers will also enter into an agreement with the company for not purchasing retail lots individually. Not selling the retail lots to individuals will assist in ascertaining the real worth of the project in the foreseeable future. The company CK East Group will continue investing in the development of properties rather than in construction as a result of having better cash flow in that line.

Rencana TTDI Project
Rencana TTDI Project

Rencana TTDI will provide not only luxurious suites for comfort purposes but also contemporary and spacious corporate suites to quench the desires of convenience in a busy city. These suites, which are surrounded by an exceptional view of the sky will inspire you in making steps towards the future. The future of creating endless possibilities for personal business.

Investing in this project will give you a sense of convenience when it comes to connectivity around you. This location will ensure that you get a connection to Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, for allowing quick access to LDP, NKVE and Penchala Link. When you are in need of retail therapy, just get to Block A. For personal parking spaces, Block B has the solution. This project has nine elevators for accessing the expensive basement parking conveniently.

The backbone of this project is family. It has massive outdoors that will make your family enjoy being a step closer to nature. You will work hard from not only here but also play hard as well. Your family, who loves life, will spend quality time in nature before heading back to the luxurious indoors that will inspire them to work hard.

Sometimes when working, you require a break. You can bask in the beauty of Rencana TTDI for restoring your inspiration. You will immerse yourself in the splendor of the landscaped gardens and the crisp, clear air which brings a sense of rejuvenation. Since our families require relaxation and inspiration, it is nice to appreciate them by getting them a place in this project. You will build better relationships with them by enjoying great times at the sky terraces and the surroundings. Finally, you can get some weight off your body and make a healthy family by taking sessions at the gym. This will help in burning calories from your bodies and release stress.

Is it Economically Sound to Get a loan for the Investment

Is it Economically Sound to Get a loan for the Investment

You don’t need a prophet to tell you that most people are asking themselves whether it is economically sound to get a credit facility for the Rencana TTDI project. You cannot give a straight yes or no response without supporting your position. You need to be careful as you go for a loan because it will stay on your pay check for some years or even decades.

There is no problem when it comes to taking a loan for investment purposes. Good loans should assist you to grow your asset base and in turn net worth. Rencana TTDI is one of the projects within Malaysia that can assist you to achieve the above objective.

As you take the loan, you need to be sure of how you will raise the installment. Remember the bank will stick to its schedule whether the project succeeds of not. It’s advisable for the project to generate some income even if you are using your pay check to service the facility.

loan for investment purposes
loan for investment purposes

One advantage with the Rencana projects is that you are sure of some income on a monthly basis. The project will generate a lot of income for the investor whether he rents it out or runs a personal business in the units. One fact that can encourage you to go for a loan to fund the Rencana is an assurance of regular cash flows.

The developer of this project did a proper feasibility study. The project is strategically located close to major shopping malls such as Publika, Mont Kiara, 1 Utama, and Curve. The implication is that there will be a constant flow of people into these buildings. Business will receive several walk-in clients courtesy of the location.

For an investor who is risk averse, the developer has reduced the risk further by offering an optional tendency program. You are sure of getting a return of 12 percent by renting out the unit to the developer for two years. The amount may be sufficient to pay your installment depending on the amount and period.

In case you rent out this unit or use it to run the business, you may receive more cash that the installment requires. In fact, you may make prepayments on your loan and get some interest waivers for clearing the loan earlier than scheduled in the agreement. You need to note that the demand for these units is very high. Remember the Chinese and Indians have been locked out in the ownership process. These two groups will be willing to give out as much as they can to rent a place within the building.

Finally, evaluate the market value of this investment after several years. You will discover that the project will be highly valuable with time. You cannot compare the value of this investment to what you will have paid in the principal amount plus interest. As an investor, you stand to gain a lot if you take a loan to fund the Rencana TTDI project. You could book with only RM1000 as you wait for the loan sanctioning. However, make sure you choose a lender who offers the best terms in the market.

Discovering endless possibilities at the Rencana TTDI

Rencana TTDI Property Developer

When you have the mind of an investor, it becomes necessary to set your aspirations and put in place ways of achieving them. At Rencana TTDI, you will get several units’ tailor made to suit your needs. This ranges from cozy spaces for people who love working privately from private and small environments to those who love working from luxurious rooftop offices. Investing here will ensure that you get a classy ambiance that emanates from split-level units that give a peaceful relaxation when you are not working. This investment will make sure that you get connections that matter to you.

You will access major shopping centers such as the Curve, Ikea, One Utama, Tesco, Mid Valley and Pavilion, which are nearby, conveniently. The executive suites at this establishment have the design of accommodating all your desires and needs for you to channel your creativity and thoughts to effortless working. These suites have spacious layouts, ample lighting and functional designs that make them more than working places. You will have spaces for hanging out such as cozy cafes that are perfect for tea breaks in the vicinity.

The deluxe suites, which have a lower and upper level, will enable you to work and take a breather simultaneously. The tasteful layouts and modern designs of the executive suites will immerse you in your own world for productivity maximization and for ideas to flow smoothly. When you want to experience relaxed dining, just get to the restaurants nearby.

Rencana TTDI Property Developer
Rencana TTDI Property Developer

The garden suites will ensure that you experience quality time alongside your loved ones. The garden suites at the Rencana TTDI will offer luxuries of a two-storey terrace lots that has three parking spaces at the front. Besides providing modern designs and parking spaces which are conducive for relaxation and work, you will dine and shop with your family at the Sunway Giza mall nearby.

The infinity sky pool has the design of providing luxurious comfort. If you don’t know how to swim, you can use the lounge at the area of the poolside for enjoying the picturesque view.

The corporate suites are suitable for individuals with small businesses or those who work alone. You will get business environments which are flexible for meeting your needs for you to focus on building the business. The inspiring three-storey units are spacious and luxurious for offering exclusivity and privacy plus separate parking and private elevators for accessing these units directly. Basking in the beauty of these offices will ensure that your inspiration remains high. The air around the landscaped terraces will ensure that your mind is continuously rejuvenated.

The greatest possibility one can achieve in life is family, friends, and work. Rencana TTDI offers breath-taking outdoors for taking your loved ones a step next to nature. Working and playing will ensure that your family spends quality time before getting back to the offices for working and other activities. The contemporary and spacious suites will provide comfort and desired convenience in the city.

The surroundings of the suites will continue to inspire you to get a better chance of stepping into the future and creating endless possibilities for both your family and business. You will have the chance of appreciating all people around you ranging from business partners, clients, family, friends and staff by holding bonding sessions at the sky terraces.

Benefit Investing with Rencana TTDI Developer

Benefit investing with Rencana TTDI Developer

Making an investment for future can help you in many ways as this not only secure your future but also help you with healthy returns. But for this, it is also important to choose developer or property dealer those who are trust worthy. As in the case of Rencana TTDI – The most Precious Property in Kuala Lumpur, for more feedback, you can follow Rencana TTDI Facebook page.

Here are few benefits that you could check out at the time making the investment in Ck East Groups:

It is a steady speculation

After some time property has ended up being an exceptionally stable venture when contrasted with some different markets. Yes, it has its high points and low points, however, the property showcase all in all has a tendency to be significantly less unstable than different speculations. For example, the share trading system. This might be because of the way that property sets aside a more drawn out opportunity to offer. And the way that property is quite often popular.

It can produce positive income for you

One of the experts of owning a venture property is that you would rent be able to it out. On the off chance that you can get enough lease to cover your costs. You are viably getting another person to purchase the property for you. You put down the store and the general population leasing the property pay for the home loan and the costs. On the off chance that you are shrewd you will even have some cash just over which is sure income and easy revenue.

Property would offer to be able to tax reductions

According to Rencana TTDI Developer, a property is awesome with regards to tax reductions. There are many tax reductions you can assert. On the off chance that you are losing cash on your venture you would offset be able to this against your salary. And subsequently, secure yourself an expense sharing. You can likewise guarantee things like devaluation on fittings and installations which enhance your expense investment funds. As a rule, you can even claim a visit or two every year to assess your property. And convenience while you are doing the examinations.

Rencana TTDI Developer
Rencana TTDI Developer

Long haul speculation

Many individuals adore property as a speculation since it can be an extraordinary long-haul venture. So by securing your bundle of land today, you can receive the rewards of it later on. This positive income would then be able to be utilized to support greater venture properties or to finance your way of life. Income enhances as you are gathering more lease and as your home loan abatements or remains the same.
You would leverage be able to your venture

Having the capacity to use your venture implies you would purchase be able to add with less. With property, this happens when you put down a store on the property and the bank advances you the rest. Use augments your arrival on venture when you encounter development. Likewise, banks see the security of property versus the security of offers and different speculations while profiting advances.

These are some that you could seek at a time when you are planning to invest with Rencana TTDI Developer. As they help you to ensure also benefits that you seek at a time when you plan to make an investment in property. For better satisfaction and more compatibility, you could check the Review for Rencana Royale.

Rencana TTDI – The Best Investment for All

Rencana TTDI - The Best Investment for All

The launch of the Rencana TTDI project brings forth six hundred and twenty-seven smart offices, two-storey units on the garden terraces, flexible offices, studio offices, retails lots, corporate suites and duplex offices and two dedicated business floors. Sixty percent of these units measure four hundred and seventy-two square feet, and the largest unit measures four thousand two hundred and ninety-six square feet. The cost is averagely RM580 per square foot.

When you get here, you will enjoy different facilities such as the skyline swimming pool, prayer and meeting rooms, barbecue area, gym, and restaurants for relaxed dining. This project is an exclusive opportunity presented to Malay owners to invest and enjoy this infrastructure. It will be quite easy for you to acquire your aspirations because of the various units and facilities in this establishment.

You can discover endless possibilities by getting a unit which is made to meet your requirements, that is when you want to work from a private environment to working in a luxurious unit on the top of the roof for the one looking for a classy ambiance. Having a short break from work will be easy because the units are split-levelled to avail the element of peaceful relaxation.

Convenience will also be your daily experience because you will be able to access major centers for shopping such as Ikea, Mid Valley, the Curve, Pavilion, One Utama and Tesco. You will have endless choices at Rencana TTDI. It is also a breeze to get to Putrajaya and KLIA as a result of convenient access to the link of Penchala and the LDP highway which will take you to the desired destinations.

Rencana Royale
Rencana Royale

You will work yourself out at the gym facility to ease your body of stress and calories. When the body is in a relaxed mood, inspiration grows. Celebrating the people who are around you regularly is good. It is a perfect way of bonding and strengthening relations stretching from clients, family, business partners, friends and staff on the sky terraces.

To control the tenancy mix, CK East Group will source for a single buyer to acquire the retail podium that measures slightly above one hundred thousand square feet. There is also an option of selling retail slots to group customers but if they will not be available, the company will manage them. Managing the retail slots by the company itself will help in determining the net worth of this project for years to come.

The suites at Rencana TTDI, which ranges from corporate suites to garden suites will ensure that you get enough parking in front of your unit, modern layouts and designs that are conducive for both relaxation and work, and dining and shopping with family at the Sunway Giza Mall in the neighborhood.

The executive suites are excellent for you if you work alone or if you are a few employees. You will get a flexible environment for your business that will help you in focusing on business development. You will have enough exclusivity and privacy since you will get separate parking and private elevators for accessing your unit directly. Investing in this project is the best idea you can have in your mind.

8 Tips To Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

Real estate investment is not everyone cups of tea unless they are fully aware of all the tactics. Therefore for each person, it’s important to get prepared in a manner to become successful real estate investors. For this reason, Rencana TTDI review helps to understand the tips to become successful.

For those who are unaware Rencana TTDI, they sales analysis specialists, who research the details for this precious projects. In this manner, they will explain everything that you need to know for your project. For more information, you can watch TTDI sales video that can give a better picture. Hope this must enough to explain that you are at right place for your projects.

Below are following eight tips provided by Ck East Groups that you can follow:

#1. Make an Arrangement

Land financial specialists must approach their land exercises as a business with a specific end goal to set up. And accomplish short-and long haul objectives. A marketable strategy likewise enables speculators to imagine the 10,000 foot view. Which keeps up concentrate on the objectives as opposed to on any minor misfortunes. Land contributing can be confounded and request a strong arrangement can keep financial specialists sorted out on assignment.

#2. Know the Market

Compelling land speculators secure a top to bottom information of their chose market. Staying up to date with current patterns, incorporating any adjustments in customer ways of managing money, contract rates. Empowers real estate investor to recognize current conditions, and plan for what’s to come.

#3. Be Honest

According to Rencana TTDI you can observe that many Real estate investors are not honest. Despite the fact that it is anything but difficult to exploit this circumstance, best land financial specialists keep up high moral gauges. Since land contributing includes individuals, a financial specialist’s notoriety is probably going to be broad.

Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Investor

#4. Empower Referrals

Referrals create a sizable bit of a land speculator’s business, so it is important that financial specialists approach others with deference. This incorporates business accomplices, partners, customers, tenants and anybody with whom the financial specialist has a business relationship. Compelling land financial specialists focus on detail, tune in and react to grievances and concerns.

#5. Remain Educated

Similarly, as with any business, it is basic to remain fully informed regarding the laws, directions, phrasing, and patterns. That shape the premise of the land financial specialist’s business. Financial specialists who fall behind hazard losing energy in their organizations.

#6. Comprehend the Risks

Stock or fates advertise speculators are immersed with notices in regards to the innate dangers required in contributing. Real estate investor will probably observe ads asserting the exact inverse that it is anything but difficult to profit in a land. It’s important to analyses your risk beforehand to reduce its consequence.

Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing

#7. Put resources into An Accountant

Charges contain a noteworthy part of a land financial specialist’s yearly costs. To understand current assessment laws is quite a time taking the process for the current business. Sharp land speculators hold the administrations of a qualified, legitimate bookkeeper to deal with the business’ books.

#8. Fabricate a Network

A system can give imperative support and make changes to another or experienced land financial specialist. This gathering, involved a well-picked tutor, business accomplices, customers, or individuals from a non-benefit association. Enables real estate investor to test and bolster each other.

These are the following points provided by Ck East Groups that will be going to help you in becoming A Real Estate Investor. This will help to enhance your skill and give you chance to take tough decision correctly. Try following these tips as soon as possible to give your business a greater hit. You can also join them on Rencana TTDI Facebook and can also watch their project as well.

5 Simple Ways to Invest In Real Estate

5 Simple Ways to Invest In Real Estate

Have you been in search of some real estate investment techniques that could help you in profitable investment? Also, wish to seek the various ways that you must follow at the time when you are dealing with real estate investment. Then need not to search anymore, as here are five simple ways provided by Rencana TTDI that will go to help you in making real estate investment stated below.

As many a time, you must have observed that you have been stuck with a bottleneck situation in the case when you are dealing with real estate investment deals and the major reason for this problem, is your lack of experience or research work in that particular field. As in real estate, you have to keep any eye on the market at each moment and make a futuristic decision that could help you to lead in your profession. As Rencana TTDI remarks that in this manner you will be able to foresight the bigger problems that you will go to face in future and for which you get enough time to seek better solution beforehand. Thus the provided given below will help to understand various aspects that you have to keep in mind while making real estate investment:

A Basic Rental Property

This is a venture as old as the act of landownership. A man will purchase a property and lease it out to an inhabitant. A proprietor may likewise charge more keeping in mind the end goal to deliver a month to month benefit, however, the most widely recognized methodology is to be understanding.

Basic Rental Property - Rencana TTDI

A Real Estate Investment Group

Land venture gatherings are similar to little common assets for investment properties. On the off chance that you need to claim an investment property, however, don’t need the bother of being a landowner, a land speculation gathering might be the answer for you. An organization will purchase or construct an arrangement of soft squares or apartment suites and after that enable financial specialists to get them through the organization.

Real Estate Trading

Stated by Rencana TTDI this is the wild side of land speculation. Like the informal investors who are classes far from a purchase-and-hold financial specialist, the land brokers are a totally extraordinary breed from the purchase-and-lease proprietors. Land merchants purchase properties with the expectation of holding them for a brief timeframe, whereupon they would like to offer them for a benefit.

A Real Estate Investment Trust

The land has been around since our give in staying progenitors began pursuing outsiders out of their space, so it’s not shocking that Wall Street has figured out how to transform the land into a traded on an open market instrument. A land speculation put stock in (REIT) is made when a company (or trust) uses financial specialists’ cash to buy and work wage properties.

Real Estate Investment Trust


Except for REITs, putting resources into land gives a financial specialist one device that is not accessible to securities exchange speculators use. On the off chance that you need to purchase a stock, you need to pay the full estimation of the stock at the time you put in the purchase request. Regardless of the possibility that you are purchasing on edge, the sum you can get is still significantly less than with land.

These are the following things that you could keep in mind according to Rencana TTDI that could help you in making the best deal for your real estate investment and long with this help you to get prepared for the markets’ ups and downs.

Quality Is The Privilege You Get At Rencana

Quality Is The Privilege You Get At Rencana

The Rencana TTDI property is an investment for a few individuals with the opportunity to invest. It is a special opening for Malay owners to make an investment in the thirteen-storey unique SOFO development which features two-storey garden suites, corporate sky suites, executive suites, executive duplex suites, deluxe suites and executive deluxe suites.

Since the start of this project in 2014, when CK East Group started working on it, quality and satisfaction of the user’s requirements were put in place. Necessary facilities to ensure that you acquire comfort in the investment include a prayer room for spiritual nourishment, a barbecue area, a gym to make sure that both you, your family, friends, and staff work calories off their bodies, a theater and meeting rooms for your business.

Booking of these rooms is above ninety percent, and you need to rush and book one before they are sold out. The CK East group is interested in the sale of the retail podium, which measures slightly over one thousand square feet to a single buyer. Selling to one customer will ensure that tenancy mix is in better control.

Rencana TTDI is a project that the general manager of CK East group feels proud about and does not regret leaving his first job. The cost of this project is RM three hundred and eighty million with a co-working concept of putting together various offices to fit all levels of investors from Malay, that is from single business owners to luxurious office holders.

CK East Group
CK East Group

General manager Ng, of CK East Group, says that there is always room for improvement and there is always more than one can learn. Being in this development exposes you to the right breeze of relaxation and working for you to get enough time to invest all effort to business.

Since this development will have more than six hundred offices, you can be sure that the business environment will be suitable for the investors ranging from restaurants, gym instructors, and swimming pool attendants.

Imagine an office with a gym. This will be an opportunity for employees to go work out to release stress from the mind and body. The sky gymnasium at Rencana will be perfect for burning calories. After work, you can have a feel of the luxurious comfort brought by the infinity sky pool. The picturesque view of the poolside area will make sure that you enjoy even when you do not know how to swim.

Creating and building relations with family, friends, workmates, clients and business partners is easy because the sky terrace is perfect for this purpose. It is good for once in a while to meet with these people here to sit back while enjoying the breath-taking view of the skyline of the city and other surroundings.

You will experience excellent quality from the corporate suites which are on the thirteenth floor. You will have both exclusivity and privacy from dedicated elevators to parking space for these floors. For sure, Rencana TTDI avails contemporary and spacious corporate suites for your comfort and the desired convenience around the city. The sky view will take you to a world of inspiration necessary for the future, and open doors for the creation of endless possibilities for businesses.

How Can the Chinese and Indians Benefit from the Rencana TTDI Project?

Benefit from the Rencana TTDI Project

All the people in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia accept that the Rencana TTDI project is one of its own. The truth of the matter is that everyone would like to get a stake in the project. However, this is a free hold property exclusive for the Malay buyer only. This leaves out any Chinese or Indian person who would like to buy the property.

The question that most people ask themselves is whether Indians and the Chinese people can benefit from this property. The truth of the matter is that these two races may benefit the most from the investment. The fact that they can’t own a room in this prestigious building does not mean that their case is closed. In fact, you may find Indians and Chinese benefiting more that the Malay people. It all depends on how the communities will view this project.

The first way that Indians and Chinese can benefit from this project is renting the space from the Malay owners. Some people will buy these units with the primary intention of generating rental income. Not all real estate owners have businesses to run in their property. The Chinese and Indians can take advantage of this fact and lease some units from the Malay owners. The rent may be a bit high but the business will be big. Therefore, the Malay owners will be the landlords while some Indians and Chinese people will be tenants.

Rencana TTDI Projects

The fact that you can’t own a unit does not imply that you can’t run your business in the building. Strategic thinkers will rent some space and take advantage of the business that will boom in that building. Therefore, you cannot say that the window is closed for the Chinese and Indians.

As a Chinese or Indian citizen, you can also access other services that will be in the building. You may find the supplier of your products being located in the building. Not being able to own a place in this prestigious investment does not imply that you can’t shop from the place. That is the misconception that should get out of the minds of all citizens.

However, there is some free advice that should go to the public. Never try to own a unit in this investment through fraudulent means. You would rather benefit in other ways than look for unethical ways getting a place like buying through a Malay. One thing you need to understand is that such an arrangement cannot stand in the corridors of justice. You stand to lose everything especially if the person you trusted lets you down.

Its critical to understand that all your actions have legal implications. Trying to use shortcuts may end up being the longest way. The Rencana TTDI is here to benefit everyone irrespective of the race. The project caters for the needs of everyone only that Malay people can own the units. Think of a way you can benefit from this project and make good use of your time. It will differentiate between a person who reasons in an ordinary manner and a strategic thinker.